How to boost your immune system: 7 ways to strengthen your immunity from home

What is your immune system?

An immune system's overall purpose is to prevent or inhibit infection.   Immunocompromised people are at higher risk to infections from disease causing bacteria that do not often affect healthy individuals. This system differentiates healthy cells from compromised cells releasing signals such as DAMPs otherwise known as danger associated molecular patterns. When signaled your immune system will activate a response to remedy the problem. If your body is unable to activate a needed response, infections are likely to occur. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your immune system strong defending you against microorganisms that cause diseases and sickness.

How to strengthen your immune system?

A good rule of thumb to keeping your immune system strong is to live a natural healthy lifestyle. Living a health-conscious life will keep you strong, feeling like your best self, while protecting your body. Everything from the air you breathe to the things you ingest can impact your wellbeing. We have listed some immune boosting factors that make choosing a healthy lifestyle simple and easy. Making a small change can create a big difference in your energy, strength, and health.

1. Get lots of sleep

During these crazy times it's understandable to lose sleep worrying and wondering about your loved ones. To stay at your optimal health, you should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can cause inflammation and can inhibit your ability to fight off infections. Let your body reenergize and use this month to get the best sleep of your life. Take melatonin or use our Comfort Essential oil to calm your mind letting your body get a good night's rest.

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2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

When trying to keep your immune system at its strongest try to eat as naturally as possible. Avoid eating processed food and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily meals to get those much-needed nutrients. Citrus fruits are easy to add to any dish giving your body a daily dose of Vitamin C. Choose green superfood vegetables like broccoli and spinach loaded with antioxidants. Kitchen staples such as ginger and turmeric help with anti-inflammatory illness and even pain management.

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

3. Don’t smoke

Smoking impairs your ability to fight off infections by compromising the equilibrium in your immune system. Nicotine and tar suppresses your immune response, affects cell signaling, and compromises pathogen killing activity. Smoking will increase your chance of becoming sick and may even prolong your sickness.

4. Get to exercising

Exercising will keep you strong, energized and will help boost your immune system. Get your 30 min of cardio in whether that be walking around the block, jump roping, or running with the kids in the backyard. This promotes good circulation of cells in your body allowing them to move freely and efficiently fending off harmful viruses and bacteria. Exercise can increase your production of microphages which kill bacteria that causes many respiratory tract infections.

5. Take Vitamins

Vitamins are nutrients your body needs for normal cell function, growth, and development. Vitamin D enhances the disease fighting effects of white blood cells and promotes immune responses. Taking Vitamin D has even been shown to may protect against respiratory tract infections. Other vitamins such as Vitamin C have also been used to lower the duration and severity of common colds and respiratory illnesses. As a powerful antioxidant it helps balance the free radicals within your body keeping your health at bay.

6. Drink your nutrients

For years home remedies have been used to ward off sickness. Chamomile and green tea have been shown to boost your immune system with their powerful antioxidants. Another widely used remedy is the drinking of bone broth to ease respiratory cold symptoms through its use of healing amino acids and minerals.

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7. Reduce stress

In life it is easy to get overwhelmed with stress from all aspects of your life. Stress can make you susceptible to illnesses by releasing hormones while simultaneously suppressing your immune system. Practice positive thinking in times of stress and try to relax through the use of yoga and meditation. Relax with a cup of our Peppermint Herbal Tea to destress, relax and improve your mood. Implement these techniques into your daily life and keep your immune system and state of mental health at its best.

There is not one definitive answer to keeping your immunity at its strongest. Rather it is a series of steps, changes, and methods that will transform your lifestyle to one of energy, immunity, and good health. Implement a few of these into your daily routine and watch yourself transform into a new healthier you. For more information on how teas and essential oils can benefit your health and lifestyle read our weekly blog.