Essential Oil for Valentine’s Day 2020: Why Vorda PASSION Is Great Scent for the Month of Love

The spotlight product of February will be the essential oil Passion because it is the month of love. The scent is a bright, clean, floral aroma. It is also the perfect aroma to use during intimate times. It is the month of love after all. Not only is it a great scent to have in work areas or at home, it has many benefits included. The PASSION Pure Essential Oil Blend we select for you, consists of three ingredients: lemon, lavender, and geranium. Let’s talk about the benefits of each additive and why it is one of the best gifts for Valentine's day.

1. Lemon

Lemon is a known citrus fruit to provide much benefits including Vitamin C. But the fruit and the essential oil are not the same. The oil is the aromatic part of the fruit and is extracted from the rind. Therefore, according to Organic Facts, the health benefits and healing properties of lemon essential oil are both similar and different from the lemon fruit and lemon juice because of its concentrated nature and different levels of therapeutic chemical components. Diffusing the oil brings about a whole new range of benefits. Breathing in the scent was shown in a study to bring calmness and improve mood. This might be connected to how lemon oil is a natural analgesic because a 2014 study showed that diffusing the oil changed the way mice’s brains responded to painful stimuli. Lemon essential oil was also shown to decrease nausea. This is especially vital for pregnant women and those who experience morning sickness severely. Other negative lemon oil can help eliminate are:

- Exhaustion

- Anxiety

- Nervousness

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The citrus scent is best used in work areas since it is believed to help increase concentration and alertness. A 2014 study on fourth graders concluded a result that showed and improvement on their exams when lemon oil was diffused in their classroom. Other than that, lemon scent is known to have a very cleansing scent and will purify the air in any room instantly. It will instantaneously make the area smelling fresh, bright, and clean!

2. Lavender

Lavender is widely known to have sleep inducing effects, and it is proven. Several studies have found an improvement in sleep for people including college students, women, and the elderly. The subjects in these studies showed a significant improvement in their sleep quality and as a result improved their daytime energy. These studies only required a few drops of lavender oil during bedtime. Another benefit of lavender scent is the improvement in respiratory problems. Lavender oil can be used to aid:

- Aid throat infection

- Cure flu

- Cure cough

- Cure a cold

- Aid asthma

- Aid sinus congestion

and much more. This super element can be found in many vaporizers and inhalers used for the cold and cough. But this is not all. Lavender has been proven to have anxiety reducing effects. In this 2005 study by Physiology & Behavior, the oil was diffused in a dentist waiting room. The patients expressed less anxiety and improved mood. Add this soothing, floral scent before you head to bed to get a good night’s rest!

3. Geranium

You might be unfamiliar with geranium, but you might recognize the flowers. The essential oil however, is extracted through steam distillation of the stem and leaves. The oil is used commonly in aromatherapy for its many health benefits. One of the top benefits of geranium may be that is a respiratory infection killer. A scientific review in 2013 found that breathing in the scent may be effective In relieving common cold systems, bronchitis, and sinus infections. Lemon oil is not the only one found to reduce anxiety but geranium oil also. The pregnant women in this study also exhibited decreases in diastolic blood pressure. There were also benefits for postmenopausal women which include improving depression. If you are feeling a bit down or just full of anxiety, add a few drops of this sweet, floral scent into your diffuser.

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Looking back at the benefits of all these elements, there were a few common factors. Anxiety and relief were the top similar benefits among the ingredients. Which means that this Vorda blend will be sure to give you relaxing effects and less nervousness. This oil is also super useful for those with insomnia. Do you have loved ones experiencing these symptoms? This would be a perfect gift for them during the month of love. ❤️