Essential Oils For Sleep

Sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t do the trick. The good news is that there are healthy options for falling asleep. Instead of medicating with synthetic drugs, essential oils are an excellent natural remedy for sleep.


There is limited research on the best essential oils for sleep. However, studies show that certain oils are especially effective at relaxing the body and mind. One study (Reference 1) of patients with heart conditions found that breathing in lavender oil before sleep improved overall sleep quality and reduced anxiety amongst participants.


Other research (Reference 2) found that inhaling marjoram essential oils made it easier for people with asthma to breathe. This could also be an effective aromatherapy for sleep by assisting troubled sleepers or people with sleep apnea with subconscious breathing overnight.

Lemon essential oil is also on the list of essential oils to help sleep. This essential oil contains D-Limonene, which stimulates adenosine A(2A) receptors (Reference 3). When these receptors are not active, individuals have an increased risk of insomnia and anxiety. Breathing in lemon oil vapors before bed is a safe way to calm down and sleep better.

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Here Are The Best Essential Oil Blends For Sleep

Vorda’s Comfort Pure Essential Oil Blend is carefully crafted in Japan with marjoram, lemon and pine oils. It’s aroma exudes notes of earth, wood and citrus like a refreshing breeze. The combination of marjoram and lemon is especially effective combination for calming your nerves and inducing feelings of peace and tranquility.


Vorda’s Passion Pure Essential Oil Blend is also an exceptional choice for relaxation and stress relief. It’s concocted with a mixture of Japanese oils made from geranium, lavender and lemon. Passion gives off fragrances of fresh flowers and sweetwater. This essential oil blend is a mood elevator, a heart opener and can bring you out of your mind and into your body. The combination of lavender and lemon oils make this blend an ideal aromatherapy for sleep.

The Harmony Pure Essential Oil Blend is another soothing oil that helps with mental clarity and inner peace. It’s made with a special blend of cypress, rosalina, nerolina, laurel and clove oils.

This blend is also made in Japan. Its aroma leads with top notes of clove followed by a subtle wooden essence.

Other Natural Remedies For Sleep

Essential oils combined with mindfulness practices and healthy lifestyle practices can help you fall asleep. Try taking slowing down your breathing with long inhalations and slow exhalations. Instead of using electronics, try reading a book before bed. Also avoid caffeine or sugar-filled foods that can make it difficult to fall asleep.


Non-caffeinated tea is also an excellent natural sleep aid. Vorda’s Peppermint Herbal Tea Peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm, rose petals, licorice, stevia leaves. Full of antioxidants, it’s steeped ingredients gives off an aroma of mint and licorice. This is a wonderful option for relaxing before bed, improving your mood and calming your thoughts.

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Ultimately, teas and essential oils are natural, healthy and affordable ways to help you fall asleep. For best results, try putting a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto an essential oil diffuser. Have a cup of tea. Put on a candle or low lighting and breath deeply, allowing yourself to fully absorb the healing and relaxation.


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