The Season of Blooming Aromas

When you think of spring you must think of the start of growing plants, greenery, and blooming flowers, right? While this scene might seem pleasant and comforting to some, to others it might not so much. To others, spring might remind them of bugs, pollen, and allergies. But it does not mean that those who are sensitive to pollen cannot enjoy the smells of spring. There are other ways to bring the wonderful refreshing smells of florals and other scents that remind you of spring right into your area. The easiest and simplest way would be by using a diffuser. But if you are usually on the go, then a portable diffuser is a better choice. The answer to all of this would be a car diffuser!

The object we are going to talk about is Vorda’s blossom-shaped wood diffuser. The main part of these diffusers is made from a single block of wood and that is how they disperse the scents of essential oils. The wood absorbs any essential oil that is dripped on them and they will slowly release the scent of the oil. It is the same idea as spraying perfume on cloth. This is an all-natural diffuser, with no plastics or mechanism behind it.

Not only do these diffusers run without any power and is eco-friendly, their shape is perfect for spring! The blossoms are what you think of when you first think of spring. The stylish shape of these diffusers make them universal and perfect to set in any vehicle.

They are also very easy to use. There is a clip behind the blossom, which you just push onto any car vent and it will instantly clip onto it. Then you drip some essential oil on it, only a couple drops needed, and then just wait to smell the aroma it disperses!

Now you can throw away those artificial air fresheners that you have to consistently spend money on and replace. With these beautiful, natural wood diffusers, you can pick any scent you want and just put it on yourself. It’s as simple as that!

With the rising use of plastics and such in the world today, every action taken to reduce our carbon footprints is a step to heal the world. Even joining hands in replacing our artificial and power using air fresheners, we can make a big impact. So next time you purchase something, think about the impact you will make.