Why Green Tea and Matcha Are Healthier Coffee Substitutes?

With more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed throughout the world every year, it’s safe to say, coffee is a pretty important part of our daily lives. Whether it’s the caffeine that gives us the kick to get going, or that familiar java taste we’ve come to make an everyday habit, we wake up and consume coffee without thinking about it.

However, have you ever stopped to think about the adverse effects of coffee, as well as substitutes that might be better for you? Boasting a history that extends back much farther than coffee is tea. Known for healing properties, as well as even representing spiritual healing for ancient cultures in Japan, China, and beyond, tea is something that is better and more robust for your long-term health.

Since there are so many types of tea in the world, we specifically want to shine light on the immeasurable benefits of green tea, as well as a specific strain – Matcha Tea. Ready to get started?



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Organic Matcha Mix Latte, Photo by Vorda

1. Matcha Green Tea is Packed with Antioxidants

Match green tea includes powerful EGCg antioxidants that can clean our bodies, flush our systems of toxins, and cleanse our blood. The result is not only a caffeine boost, but a healthier body as well.

Additionally, matcha green tea is a natural detoxification that effectively and naturally supports the body, working in tandem with your health as opposed to against it.


2. Matcha Green Tea Boosts Metabolisms

Did you know that tea leaves contain more natural caffeine than the coffee bean? Although it can be brewed down and diluted to preference, matcha green tea will boost your metabolism through caffeine surges. With a faster circulation and more energy, you will be able to move more, think more, jump more, etc., burning calories along the way.


3. Matcha Tea Aids in Concentration

Green tea has been studied for thousands of years as a focus enhancer. That’s because ancient societies discovered green tea made them more pensive, focused, and receptive to thought. That same benefit holds true today.

On the other hand, this Forbes article argues that too much coffee can impact your concentration ability.


4. Matcha Calms the Mind

44% of Americans admitted that their stress levels have increased over the last few years. Well, matcha green tea has been proven to relax and calm the mind, stimulating thoughtful brain activity that can help the body return back to equilibrium.


Make the Tea Switch

If you’re dependent on coffee, you are subjecting your body to a lack of concentration, an unbreakable addiction, and a substance that contains far fewer antioxidants than its natural tea counterpart.

That’s why we’re passionate about the herbal tea we sell here at Vorda. We believe, much like thousands of years ago, that tea is the answer to our health and mental clarity as humans.

We proudly carry matcha green tea and other herbal selections for you to consider today.

Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash