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Essential Oil

Vorda Essential Oil Single Makrut Lime 850005259572Vorda Essential Oil Single Makrut Lime 850005259572

Makrut Lime

from Thailand
Vorda Essential Oil Blend The Language of FlowersVorda The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

romantic bouquet
Vorda Essential Oil Single Palmarosa 850005259510Vorda Palmarosa 850005259510


from India
Vorda Essential Oil Sunray MeadowVorda Essential Oil Sunray Meadow

Sunray Meadow

Warm & Sweet
Vorda Essential Oil Single Tangerine 850005259503Vorda Pure Essential Oil Tangerine 850005259503


from Italy
Vorda Essential Oil Harmony 850005259084Vorda Essential Oil Harmony 850005259084


Sweet & Refreshing
Vorda Essential Oil Single Spearmint 850005259497Vorda Spearmint 850005259497


from USA
Vorda Essential Oil Morning Harvest 850005259527Vorda Essential Oil Morning Harvest 850005259527

Morning Harvest

Citrusy & Spicy

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