Essential Oils That Are Safe for Your Pet

It might not be known to many but diffusing certain essential oils may harm animals. Just as how dogs and cats cannot eat the same food as humans do, the same rule applies for essential oils. This does not normally cross people’s minds because when the oils are dispersed in the air by the diffuser, the droplets are so tiny and they seem to disappear. But if your pet comes within range, some of that oil may get on their fur and they might lick it off, thereby ingesting some of the essential oils. An example was a woman who diffused tea tree oil daily and caused liver failure in her dog. But this should not be bad news about you having to stop using essential oils again. Some oils can help your pets with their mental, physical, or emotional well-being. It is just the matter of doing research on which oils are safe for your pets. We highly recommend getting professional advice such as asking your veterinarian on what essential oils they may recommend. But we can give you a bit of info on some oils that are okay for your pets.

1. Chamomile

Having your pet breathe in some chamomile can ease their stress. This is really handy when you have hyperactive dogs. This could also help shy dogs learn to socialize better with other dogs.

2. Frankincense

Frankincense usually aids in the health and immunity of cells. This is also the case with our pets, giving support to their digestive tracts if they are stressed or have an upset stomach.

3. Lavender

Lavender is also a great alternative for calming your pet. This scent can be useful for relaxing anxious dogs or relieving their car sickness.

4. Ginger

Just as how a hot ginger tea can help clear nasal congestions in humans or soothe our stomachs, the same can be said for our pets. Ginger is multipurpose, aiding in respiratory tracts to joint pain.

5. Peppermint

It is now spring time, which might not be a pleasant time for many humans because of allergies. The same can be said for dogs. Peppermint can help support the respiratory system of humans and pets alike. Another purpose they have is to ease aches and pains in joints. Beware though, peppermint should only be used in a diffuser and in very low amounts as it can be toxic if ingested.

These are five essential oils that are known to be safe to pets. Please be advised that you should first seek professional advice from your veterinarian before proceeding to use essential oils around your pets. Every pet can have a different reaction to the oils just as humans can. Do your research thoroughly to be safe but also enjoy the wonders of life.