Perks of All Natural Wood Diffusers

Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, is a widely used holistic healing method that uses aromatic plant extracts to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Humans have used aromatherapy for millennia in ancient cultures for healing as well as religious purposes. Today, it has gained a lot more recognition as both an art and science!

Typically, essential oil diffusers used today require the dilution of the oil with water in order to create a fine mist that disperses into the air around you. They are made mostly from plastic and require electricity to work. But a natural wood diffuser differs from traditional diffusers on the market and are a beautiful alternative for enjoying aromatherapy. Previously we visited some reasons on why you should use a wood diffuser such as no spills and electricity, perfect for travel, all natural, able to diffuse any oil, and doubles as elegant décor for your home. Today we have even more benefits of why you should make the switch today.

1. Safety first!

A product that requires both water and electricity can be quite scary, especially if there are small children or pets around. If the curious little ones accidentally knock over a steam diffuser and water gets onto wires and power outlets, that could be a disaster! With an all-natural wooden diffuser, there is absolutely no risk of electrocution as the diffuser does not require any water or electricity. It is perfectly safe to have in your home.

2. Silence is golden.

Natural wood diffusers require absolutely no power or water to operate, so there is no noise whatsoever from water or electricity. You can enjoy the may wondrous benefits of aromatherapy in total peace.

3. One tough cookie.

As wooden diffusers are seamless, without the clunky water compartments, cords, and lids of ordinary essential oil diffusers, it is a lot more durable. You will never need to worry about water leakage or broken wires ever again! Your wooden diffuser is here to stay with you.

4. Easy breezy cleaning.

As regular diffusers typically require water to operate, it is not a good idea to use for an extended period of time without cleaning the inner compartments. Mold and essential oil residue may build up inside the diffuser without proper cleaning and drying. But with a natural wood diffuser, that is never an issue. The wood absorbs the essential oil and gently disperses sweet aromas throughout your home and after the scent fades, simply add a different one as you wish!

5. Is it stuffy in here?

If you live in places with very high humidity, such as Florida or New York, the worst thing you can do to yourself is make your space even more humid! With a wood diffuser, you can enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy and sweet aromas of plant essences without any additional stuffiness.

At Vorda, we offer a new and improved generation of wood diffusers handcrafted from single blocks of Japanese Cypress (hinoki). But do not worry, we have many more choices of wood coming soon to our shop as well, such as German beech, Canadian walnut, and Brazilian rosewood. Stay tuned!