Lotus Garden

Individually Wrapped Tea Sachets | 12 Counts

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£5 One-Time Purchase

Be gently swept away on a lotus leaf through a tranquil pond of richly floral and fruity aromas.

This vegan, gluten and caffeine-free tea will transport you to the start of Spring, when roses start blooming and fill the air with its mood-enhancing aroma. Lotus leaves, often used in Asian cuisine, add a hint of earthiness, while Orange peels give a dash of citrus. Roses contain compounds that clear toxins from your body. Cassia seeds, also known as Chinese senna or American sicklepod, is present to give this mix additional health benefits.

Caffeine Level


  • Lotus Leaf
  • Orange Peel
  • Rose Bud
  • Cassia Seeds
Premium Quality
100% Natural
Carbohydrates Free
Sustainable Packaging

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