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wood diffusers and pure essential oils blend scent to enhance your mindset and space

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Vorda Car Diffuser Trio BundleVorda Car Diffuser Japanese Sakura Variety Car Diffuser Trio Bundle

Japanese Sakura Car Wood Diffuser Trio Bundle

on the go aromatherapy
From $57
Vorda Diffuser African RosewoodVorda Diffuser African Rosewood

African Rosewood

vās wood diffuser
From $105
Vorda Essential Oil Blend The Language of FlowersVorda The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

romantic bouquet
Rosewood - Forget Me NotVorda Car Diffuser Rosewood - Forget-Me-Not

Rosewood - Forget Me Not

wood diffuser for car
Vorda Diffuser Canadian WalnutVorda Diffuser Canadian Walnut

Canadian Walnut

vās wood diffuser
From $89
African RosewoodVorda Okiagari-African Rosewood
Best Seller

African Rosewood

okiagari wood diffuser
Vorda Essential Oil Single Ylang YlangVorda Essential Oil Single Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang

from Madagascar
Vorda Essential Oil French Orchard 850005259411Vorda Essential Oil French Orchard 850005259411
Best Seller

French Orchard

Floral & Sweet
Rosewood - Plum BlossomVorda Diffuser Rosewood - Plum Blossom

Rosewood - Plum Blossom

wood diffuser for car
Vorda Essential Oil Single Rosewood 850005259480Vorda Rosewood 850005259480


from India
Japanese CypressVorda Okiagari-Japanese Cypress 850005259602

Japanese Cypress

okiagari wood diffuser
Vorda Essential Oil Victorian Rose 850005259404Vorda Essential Oil Victorian Rose 850005259404

Victorian Rose

Rosy & Fresh
Vorda German Beech A Day in the Countryside BundleVorda Essential Oil Blend Japanese Cypress A Day in the Countryside Vās Bundle
On sale

A Day in the Countryside Vās Bundle

$142 $178
Vorda Eucalyptus 850005259558Vorda EUCALYPTUS 850005259558
Best Seller


from India
Vorda Essential Oil Single Makrut Lime 850005259572Vorda Essential Oil Single Makrut Lime 850005259572

Makrut Lime

from Thailand
Vorda Essential Oil Single YuzuVorda Essential Oil Single Yuzu
Sold out


from Japan

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